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Teamondo helps Software Companies scale their engineering capabilities on-demand

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We saw a challenge
The fast-growing IT services market is facing major hiring challenges, a battle for talent, and rapidly rising wages. Smaller companies often find it difficult to compete with large corporations in the HR market. These organizations, despite often being highly specialized with out of this world services, have to give up on new projects due to the hiring gap. At the same time, number of companies are bearing high costs to maintain their employees while their utilization is often insufficient and variable.

We built a solution
That’s why we have built Teamondo – a solution that unlocks the power of software companies. With Teamondo you can flexibly add to your team awesome remote developers from our global network of partners. With access to outsourcing hubs like Eastern Europe rates of our talented developers can be up to 43% lower than local industry average. Therefore, our clients do not have to give up on any new project or client because of the hiring gap anymore while maintaining profitability.

Future of work
We believe that in the near future work will be assigned, monitored, and settled in real time remotely across thousands of organizations. That’s why we are building a global inventory of best-in-class software development skills.

Leadership Team

Teamondo has been founded remotely from Berlin, Düsseldorf and Warsaw and thrives as a fully distributed company, with our developers serving clients in a remote environment.

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